Dot Foods to Redistribute Imported Lamb Nationwide

Dot will be stocking New Zealand and Australian Frenched Racks, as well as many other items from The Lamb Co., whose brands include New Zealand Spring Brand and Opal Valley.

Protein buyers currently either buy direct from importers or source from regional redistributors or traders, according to Dot, whose status as a national company enables it to fulfill the order in any mainland U.S. state within three to five days.

In addition, buyers can purchase as little as one case of this low-volume, high-cost product along with the rest of their frozen Dot order.

“We’ve received a number of requests to offer products in the lamb category and share in our customer’s excitement about this new offering,” said Rodd Willis, director of protein sales and purchasing. “We are pleased to be able to help customers source this protein category in a more efficient way.” He noted that lamb is not typically sourced in truckload volumes as are other proteins, so it is a natural fit for the Dot supply chain model.


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