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In an early assessment of what restaurants can expect for 2014, Technomic is forecasting a slight uptick in sales for limited-service outlets and bars, but no change for full-service establishments.

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Bars would have to opt out if they want to ban firearms, the law now says.

In a compromise, all restaurants with square footage less than 10,000 feet would be exempt, in addition to mom-and-pop retailers.

The proposals would ban new wood-burning fireplaces, require many restaurants to install emission filters on ovens and charbroilers and encourage refrigerated trucks to switch to battery power.

Does a tax loophole favoring restaurant execs make arguing against a minimum-wage hike more challenging?

A new study suggests this menu design could backfire by dissuading people from these better-for-you options.

Employees and restaurants debate whether tips should be counted or excluded if Seattle sets a $15 minimum wage.

Local bartender Bridget Maloney would see her base hourly pay rise 61 percent under a push by labor activists to create a $15 minimum wage in Seattle.

But Maloney, a 28-year-old college graduate who works at Von Trapp’s on Capitol Hill, says she doesn’t need a pay raise.

“On weekends, I can make up to $45 an hour,” she said. “I work for my tips, not my minimum wage.”