FDA delays enforcement of menu-labeling rules

chipotle menu board

Chain operators will get a reprieve from the FDA’s menu-labeling rules that were to take effect later this year, as the administration this week confirmed that it will delay enforcement of those requirements. 

Enforcement of the rules, which was slated for Dec. 1, will now be set for one year from when final menu-labeling guidance is provided, the FDA said in a statement.

Though a revised draft of the rules was issued by the FDA in September, Congress has since considered a number of changes that would ease the requirements somewhat, particularly for chains with substantial off-site business.

The FDA did not say exactly when it would provide final guidance, noting only that it would be “as soon as possible.”

In their current form, the rules require that impacted restaurants and food retailers with 20-plus locations provide calorie information for regularly served items and share supplemental nutrition data when requested.

The regulations have seen a few revisions and delays since they were first introduced, as businesses asserted that earlier versions were too confusing and asked for more time to comply. 


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