Former U.S. Foodservice cfo Sentenced to Probation

Resnick had pleaded guilty in September to one count of conspiracy.

Resnick and others were accused by Federal prosecutors in Manhattan of manipulating entries in distributorship's books to help it meet quarterly profit targets. A jury in November convicted Mark P. Kaiser, a former marketing executive the Columbia, MD-based company, of conspiracy, fraud and making false filings. Kaiser is expected to be sentenced next February.

The government has also brought criminal charges against 16 of the distributor's vendors for their involvement in the fraud that led U.S. Foodservice and its owner Ahold to overstate profits in 2000-03. More than a dozen of the vendors have pleaded guilty.

The government had said it would not prosecute Ahold, which has put U.S. Foodservice up for sale, for any role in the accounting fraud. The company agreed to a $1.1 billion settlement with investors.


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