Here to Serve to stay closed

here to serve website

Though Here to Serve Restaurants’ website says the Atlanta group hopes to “serve (customers) again soon” after a sudden shutdown last week, CEO Leigh Catherall said she’d need sizable investor help to get things running again, according to WXIA-TV.

“There are brands that investors are interested in and I think we have opportunities there,” Catherall told WXIA. “I love my staff. They know that. They know how committed I am. I wish the best for all of them.”

Here to Serve employees and other Atlanta restaurateurs were surprised by last week’s closings, Restaurant Business earlier reported. Employees who showed up to the restaurants where they worked to collect their paychecks found the concepts suddenly shut down.  

Catherall told WXIA that all but 150 employees had picked up their final paychecks, which were distributed several days late.

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