Hide, seek and eat

The secret’s out. Well, sort of. A crop of private supper clubs evade would-be diners by foregoing signs, hiding their addresses, avoiding the press and refusing to publish their menus.

Bohemian, 57 Great Jones, New York City
A Japanese butcher shop serves as a front for Bohemian, which has just six tables and feeds a nightly crowd of 75 people lucky enough to figure out how to make a reservation. Once inside, guests enjoy a meaty $55 prix fixe.

Hidden Kitchen, 535 Albany St.,
Boston, MA
This Greek-American greasy spoon near the Boston Flower Exchange serves breakfast and lunch. Only a small sign advertises its existence on the second floor of a nondescript office building.

Dinner on the L Train, A Razor,
A Shiny Knife, participating supper club, New York City
Several supper clubs joined together to host a meal served on a moving subway train in New York. Attendees didn’t know where they would be dining or what they would be eating until they descended into the subway cars to find tables outfitted with white linens.

The Safe House
779 North Front St., Milwaukee, WI 53202
Visitors must use a password to enter this spy-themed restaurant. The 007 atmosphere makes this a popular choice for birthdays and parties.


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