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Chipotle's pillars of throughput

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In the third quarter of 2014, Chipotle Mexican Grill increased its throughput—something management has declared a priority—by six transactions during the peak hours of lunch and dinner, respectively, compared to the same time last year. The secret to its speedy success (the result of which is added sales), is a strategy Chipotle has dubbed the “four pillars of throughput”—four necessities for keeping the line moving efficiently. They are:

  1. A dedicated expeditor: Someone stationed just before the cashier to handle drink and side orders and bag to-go items.
  2. A linebacker: This person’s sole job is to keep the ingredients on the line stocked, so other workers can focus on customer orders.
  3. Proper mise en place: The chain says it spends hours prepping its food onsite so each order can be ready in seconds.
  4. Aces in their places: This means staffing each position with its best employees during peak periods.