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la madeleine breakfast

Increased competition and the rise of snacking are just a taste of the factors remaking the midday daypart.

gen z restaurants

Which foodservice segments are snagging the attention of Gen Z, the younger siblings of the much-ballyhooed millennials? Their spending power is rising, so how do you capture their attention? Read on to find out.

glowing crystal ball

With the year halfway behind us, we take a look at how our editors’ restaurant trend predictions have fared so far. No crystal ball necessary.

teens girls burgers

Gen Z is aging into the dining-out scene, and these kids have some very different tastes and behaviors.

mcdonalds burger man square

As the divisions between dayparts blur, so too are the lines between limited-service spots—as indicated by some trends spelled out in a recent Technomic report.

alinea chef back of house square

Reinvention is the star of the current list of concepts we're eyeing, as Cafe Annie makes a comeback, the Four Seasons unveils its new location and Alinea 2.0 has its much-awaited reveal.

michael symon food square

The latest list of ventures we’re keeping an eye on includes new concepts from Chris Bianco, Michael Symon and more.

Americans have fallen in love with third-party delivery services, according to a new consumer survey from Technomic . The findings show 96 percent of users rate their experiences with such delivery...

Technomic report: The Why? Behind the Dine

Explore the evolution of consumers’ dining behaviors and preferences, and other significant trends in food consumption.