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Bread isn’t the only thing on the rise at cafe concepts. As traffic to this restaurant type increases, here are the draws bringing customers in the door.

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Consumers are split on eliminating tipping, New Yorkers don't like mobile payment apps, mashups and communal tables are out and avocado toast is still trending. Here's a look at more findings from Zagat's National Dining Trends Survey.

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More than a third of Americans are dog owners. Here's a few ideas on how to attract these canine-loving consumers to your restaurants.

At a time of softening traffic, consumers say the old draws may not be what pulls them into one restaurant versus another. Here are the features they cite as actually turning their heads today.

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We’re crunching a few digits that might impact the industry this fall.

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These Restaurant Business staff Clean Plate Awards reveal some industry trends on the rise as well as classic comfort foods that stand the test of time.

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Increased competition and the rise of snacking are just a taste of the factors remaking the midday daypart.

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Which foodservice segments are snagging the attention of Gen Z, the younger siblings of the much-ballyhooed millennials? Their spending power is rising, so how do you capture their attention? Read on to find out.

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With the year halfway behind us, we take a look at how our editors’ restaurant trend predictions have fared so far. No crystal ball necessary.