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More consumers now than a couple of years ago say they are eating a variety of meat as snacks according to new research from Technomic. Here are three ways meat is boosting snack sales.

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Making sure a dish is delicious and craveable is only a small part of the equation. Here’s a look at what menu-making teams need to consider today.

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Four ways consumers are driving the veggie trend on restaurant menus.

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Keeping millennials engaged is key to maintaining sales. Here’s a look at five ways to keep the attention of this demographic cohort of digital natives.

Diners take many things into consideration when selecting a restaurant. The most important tend to be food quality, taste, cleanliness and order accuracy, but “quality of food when ordered for...

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Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics program asks consumers to rate their most recent trip to a restaurant and provide an overall rating of their visit.

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People from all walks of life drive up to order their food. But some demographic groups are more likely to pull up.

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For some restaurants, blurring the lines helps to differentiate; and for others, the lines are being blurred for them.

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Diners are eating seafood less frequently now than they were two years, according to new Technomic data. Operators may want to reconsider offering these five particular seafood items for Lent as diners’ interest in them declines.