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Providing exclusive consumer trends and insights to enhance your marketing strategy. Powered by Technomic . “Technomic is a Chicago-based consulting and research firm providing a 360° view of the...

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The latest list of ventures we’re keeping an eye on includes new concepts from Chris Bianco, Michael Symon and more.

Americans have fallen in love with third-party delivery services, according to a new consumer survey from Technomic . The findings show 96 percent of users rate their experiences with such delivery...

Technomic report: The Why? Behind the Dine

Explore the evolution of consumers’ dining behaviors and preferences, and other significant trends in food consumption.

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The latest crop of concepts we’re keeping an eye on involves new ventures from some major players, including Rick Bayless and Noma co-founder Claus Meyer.

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Some are big hitters from big names, and others we’re just plain curious about.

If anything is certain, it’s that consumer trends and demographics are changing, driven by technology, a greater knowlege about food, and migration patterns. Here are a few consumer updates from 2016...

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Rick Bayless, Chris Bianco, Lettuce Entertain You and Michael Symon are all firing up new ventures.

Ever since quick-service chains such as Burger King and KFC have tried introducing alcohol to the mix, they’ve struggled to build sales. Taco Bell has joined the fray with a drink menu of beer, wine...

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Some new and soon-to-open spots that caught our attention.