Inspiration for running your restaurant business more successfully

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Professional athletes are turning a page on the restaurant-running playbook of the past, taking better-calculated risks, having a hands-on role in operations and applying legit strategies even seasoned restaurateurs would endorse.

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Getting high on marijuana just for the fun of it is now legal in eight states, with more likely to follow. Here’s a look at some of the business implications for the restaurant business, based on what the laws permit and how the industry fared in Colorado.

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We found so many great ideas on a recent restaurant tour in Los Angeles that we had to split them into two installments. While the first batch covered menu innovations, this batch takes a look at stealable operations ideas.

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Here’s a peek at some of the newest restaurants we’re monitoring, along with some soon-to-open concepts to keep an eye on.

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Opened in September at Newark Liberty International Airport, Daily claims to be the first airport restaurant to feature a completely different menu every day.

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As less formal eateries keep grabbing market share, some full-service spots are responding with a one-two punch: two brands under one roof.

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Operators are looking to cash in on the chatter surrounding this year’s presidential race.

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Hot dog and sausage chains are trending in fast casual and casual dining, thanks to affordable ingredients and a variety of flavors.

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Take a look at the latest list of new concepts and upcomers that have piqued our interest.