Restaurant marketing ideas and trends

As the skies darken, restaurants are lighting up with specials.

el pollo loco family meal

Operators are offering their own versions of meal kits, serving up bundled family meals that often have an off-premise bent.

sustainability teamwork recycling

Here’s how restaurants are sharing sustainability efforts without sounding preachy or putting customers to sleep.

marketing strategy chalkboard square

Here’s how some operators are moving beyond cookie-cutter marketing.

april calnedar square

Here is a roundup of Tuesday meal deals helping drive traffic on that day of the week.

mothers day flowers card

Operators are offering more than just a meal for mom this year.

tax money

Here are some discounts and freebies being used to draw diners this Tax Day.

kfc chicken colonel square

The concepts winning with their marketing efforts aren’t necessarily grabbing the full audience. Here’s a look at the chains resonating with different genders as well as those scoring with both.

A look at some mobile eateries that have caught our attention.

generic rewards card

Here’s a look at which rewards programs rise to the top, and why.