Luby’s torches some trends for new breakfast service

The Luby’s cafeteria chain is running contrary to a number of trends by adding table service on Saturday and Sunday mornings for cooked to order breakfasts.  

At a time when many casual dining chains are experimenting with brunch, Luby’s is ending its new breakfast service at 10:30. The addition of waiters and waitresses comes as many full-service chains are striving to reduce reliance on tipped personnel because of increases in their minimum wage. And a diversion into breakfast has largely been the route taken by quick-service restaurants, not cafeterias or full-service places.

Some Luby’s units already offered breakfast, but in a cafeteria format.

“We’re already thrilled by the reception from dines, who are enjoying the extra convenience on their da off or some pampering on route to work,” Luby’s COO Peter Tropoli said in a statement.

The chain is owned by the Pappas brothers, who have drawn compliments from many in the business for the service and operations of their namesake restaurants like Pappadeaux, Pappas Bros. Steakhouse and Pappas Burger. 

The family also owns the 182-unit Fuddruckers fast-casual burger chain, which recently opened a full-service version.

Luby’s new made-to-order breakfast menuincudes a number of southern and Tex-Mex staples, like chicken and waffles and traditional migas. The chain consists of 95 cafeterias, all run by the company.


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