Food Trends

Menu trends shaping the restaurant industry

cake shot

One intrepid Restaurant Business editor eats her way through eccentric fare at the National Restaurant Association Show.

taste the trends pasta

A tasting tour of five Chicago restaurants revealed six smart ideas to take back to your operation post-NRA Show.

falafel pita square

Israeli food is bursting out of its Mediterranean niche to inspire new restaurant concepts and grab space on mainstream menus.

Before the Egg McMuffin ushered in the era of the breakfast sandwich, most away-from-home breakfasts featured eggs, bacon, toast and maybe home fries served on a plate. Now breakfast sandwiches are...

arbys brisket biscuit

Arby's new brisket, egg and cheese biscuit marries several trends, including brisket, biscuits and breakfast, which is offered here from 6-10:30 a.m.

To maintain its edge in the competitive breakfast-and-lunch segment, the R&D team at First Watch makes frequent “market exploration tours,” says corporate chef Shane Schaibly. “Chilaquiles is a...

gluten free box square

Not to be outdone by meal subscription services, some restaurants are launching their own programs that allow consumers to pick up meal kits for home use.

tomato avocado toast

Artisan toast is still gaining steam on menus, moving beyond the biggest cities to restaurants in more moderately sized markets. Here’s a sampling of concepts riding the toast wave.

wienerschnitzel blazin fries

McDonald's garlic fries are getting the headlines, but a few other chains also are making news with funky fries.

carls jr pretzel breakfast sandwich

Burger King debuts a hot dog-burger mashup, pretzels make a mark during breakfast and the state fair gets an unlikely homage at a QSR.