Food Trends

Menu trends shaping the restaurant industry

waffle sandwich milk bar

Operators are getting creative with waffles beyond their traditional applications.

poke bowl seaweed salad

Poke is the new “it” food of the fast-casual industry, with dozens of poke-focused concepts launching over the last year or so.

The difference between a comfort food and a boringly safe menu option can be thinner than the crust on a classic baked macaroni and cheese. New research from Technomic shows how restaurants are...

Markers and masking tape were the norm for keeping tabs on ingredients up until just a few years back, but now more advanced tracking has become ingrained in the pantries and walk-ins of many...

drive thru window order

Not to be outdone by Cheetos Chicken Fries, chains are unleashing new portable options that appeal to eaters on the run.

treasure chest

Flavors hidden in the middle of a sweet or savory option are finding favor as a come-on to regulars.

french dip sandwich

The classic roast beef sandwich, usually served with a cup of au jus for dipping, is suddenly popping up on restaurant menus of all types.

egg white grain bowl

National chains are breaking from their traditional offerings to see if diners will bite these new dishes.

chicken rooster

In a bid for consumers' attention, restaurants are trying to determine how many ways they can skin a chicken.

eggs benedict

Restaurants are taking eggs Benedict in new directions with unique ingredients and techniques.