Food Trends

Menu trends shaping the restaurant industry

chicken tikka masala square

Recent concept developments and menu and consumer data shifts show that Indian cuisine has potential to expand in the U.S.

Although beef prices have moderated somewhat in the second half of 2016, meat-centric restaurants still are hedging their bets by developing more cost-effective meat dishes. And many of these items...

modern market dessert pizza

While the idea of a dessert pizza isn’t unique, Modern Market created a sweet offering that fit with its mission to serve craveable yet nutritional foods.

Chili’s Grill & Bar may have been founded in 1975 by a group of “hamburger hippies,” but a new marketing campaign and a few culinary tweaks are reinventing those tastes for today’s customers. Not...

global foods flavors

New menu items prove that operators are still going after the next tasty flavor pairing to be discovered.

2017 square

Like presidential campaigning, trend forecasting starts earlier every year. Here's the first batch of culinary predictions.

pumpkins squash square

Take autumn offerings up a notch by featuring seasonal favorites in new, unexpected ways.

burger beer

Burger-inspired beer is just one of the over-the-top offerings debuted by chains in recent weeks.

bread grains pasta square

Whole grains have made gains in supermarkets, but the foodservice industry is lagging behind. Here's how to fix that.


With flexitarian diets in vogue, operators must make their veggie offerings stand out.