Food Trends

Menu trends shaping the restaurant industry

appetizer sampler

The recipes here include new takes on two favorites—guacamole and chicken wings—along with a few surprises that are sure to win points with hungry fans.

fruit assortment

Grilled apples, banana ketchup and berry gummies bring new life to common fruits.

ingredients table food

To hit the top menu trends, no foodservice kitchen should be without these ingredients.

shakshuka breakfast bowl

It was a stop in Seattle that motivated Wildflower Bread Company Product Development Manager Lacey Hudgins to add a North Africa-inspired shakshuka bowl at breakfast.

The views from customers at BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse were clear: “The perception of health has shifted from counting calories to adding more nutrient-rich foods,” says Scott Rodriguez, the...

apple crumble crisp

As we head into mid-January, healthy eating may still be top of mind for many diners. Nevertheless, a majority of consumers veer toward indulgence when at restaurants.

orange chicken

Asian fried chicken recipes reign supreme.

It’s tough to reach a consensus on which trends will impact the industry in the months ahead, but after combing through the dozens of forecasts that landed in our inboxes at year’s end, we did notice...

woman reading menu

A look back at the most surprising, fun and thought-provoking menu fare at chains this past year.

Sin will be in in 2017. Consumers seem to be exorcising the fat demons that have plagued the industry over the past several decades; and it’s not just olive oil and avocado being seen as acceptable...