Food Trends

Menu trends shaping the restaurant industry

For several years, trend forecasters have been predicting that Native American would emerge as the next hot cuisine . But it’s taken a while for the supply chain and dining public to get the message...

assorted spices

To perk up customers’ palates and inspire a kitchen staff bored with winter ingredients, add a spicy dish or two to the lineup.

chocolate chip cookie dough

The nostalgic, no-cook treat is popping up beyond ice cream joints.

grand lux cafe fish chips

The demand for seafood skyrockets during Lent. These seafood recipes can easily be added to the rotation now, but may prove popular enough to stay on the menu.


Seasonal promotions for fish and shellfish dishes are accelerating at chains.

even stevens pulled jackfruit sandwich square

To capitalize on Pinterst "miracle food" buzz, Even Stevens Sandwiches rolled out a Jackfruit Torta that fills two menu holes, says Culinary Director Brandon Price.

Quinoa has become restaurants’ go-to grain to answer the growing demand for gluten-free menu items. So much so that it’s putting a strain on production, supply and price, says Tom Kaplan, CEO of Hugo...

flavor slideshow

The under-the-radar ingredients emerging on menus this year.

modern menu open

Having too many cooks in the kitchen isn’t always a bad thing.

health food medicine stethoscope

Alternatives for vegetarians, vegans and health-conscious consumers heat up.