Food Trends

Menu trends shaping the restaurant industry

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This month’s menu trends provide comforting flavors in a thrilling format.

red robin burger square

Here are 10 current trends—illustrated in 50 burgers—that spotlight the boundless inventiveness that keeps customers coming back to burgers again and again.

ugly vegetables produce square

Vegetable scraps and imperfect produce are making it onto the dining table instead of getting tossed in the trash.

teds montana grill strawberry shortcake square

While most full-service chains are downsizing dessert lists, unique sundaes are up 35%. Ted’s has jumped on the trend with its seasonal strawberry shortcake.

Pasta was the first makeover target when Fazoli’s repositioned itself as a fast casual two years ago, but then feedback indicated that guests also would be interested in premium sandwiches, says CMO...

Braising, searing, barbecuing, charring…Sounds like the kitchen is prepping a hunk of beef or piece of chicken. But as consumers and restaurants become increasingly interested in veg-centric dishes,...

The background: Consumers have menu board anxiety. The number of items on menus peaked in 2013, with an average of 153 items per menu across the Top 500 highest-grossing chain restaurants . “It’s...

callies hot little biscuit

A review of the trends likely to reshape menus in the months ahead revealed some fun and out-there currents. Here's a sampling.

burger king mac cheetos

It's the heart of LTO and specials season for the restaurant industry. Here are a few introductions or tests that stand out in the torrent of new customer lures.

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Centralized kitchens to prep ingredients, DNA testing of product and hiring a dream team of food safety specialists all are moves to deliver safe eating.