The latest news and trends in restaurant technology
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These gourmet vendors are dispensing more than just snacks.

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These five restaurants have made robots a part of their staff.

Independent operators aren’t as convinced as their chain counterparts that technology gives them a competitive advantage. While just over three-fourths think tech can help boost sales and...

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Working with third-party delivery services hasn't been perfect for Umami Burger. Here, the chain shares some lessons learned along the way.

They’re numbers any CIO would envy: Taco Bell ’s app boasts 5.4 million downloads and 30% higher checks than in-store. Starbucks ’ app has 17 million users who spend three times more. But it takes a...

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Despite the hoards of startups promising to remake the restaurant business through technology, not all operators and consumers are dashing to hasten the transformation. Research from the National Restaurant Association paints a sometimes surprising picture of where we are in the adoption process.

Outback Steakhouse Key feature: Ease of use This app is all about convenience. The home screen is as simple as can be with just three choices: plan your visit, browse the menu and pay bill. To let...

Legal Sea Foods is the latest restaurant to bring legal action against a third-party delivery service for unauthorized use. The Boston-based company filed a $1 million lawsuit against DoorDash in...

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Finding the technology that works for your operation and getting buy-in from the CEO down to franchisees is no easy feat. Here’s what’s helped other operators successfully implement tech in their restaurants.

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The techie theme that came out of this year’s Restaurant Leadership Conference: We’re not quite there yet. Despite the numerous solutions on the market today, operators still are struggling with what they really need and how to make it effective.