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Kelly Killian
Restaurant Business Magazine

Kelly Smith Killian is Editor of Restaurant Business. This role marks a return to the foodservice industry for Kelly who previously was editor-in-chief of Restaurants & Institutions magazine, a former industry publication that won American Business Media’s Jesse H. Neal award for business journalism.

Kelly has extensive experience writing and editing content that is compelling, visual and audience-focused. She’s covered everything from real estate to weddings, having helped launch Four Seasons Weddings as editorial consultant and served as editor of Martha Stewart Weddings for four years.  She also brings to Restaurant Business a finance background that she picked up during her seven years with Money Magazine (including three as assistant bureau chief in Washington, D.C.).

Kelly studied English at the University of California, Berkeley. She also completed the Radcliffe Publishing Course at Harvard (now at Columbia University).

Kelly lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband, two sons and dog Sadie.

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