PMA Supports New Produce Labeling Proposal

"The proposal addresses a key issue that will clarify packaging procedures for innovations that can better meet consumer needs and increase produce consumption," observed Kathy Means, vice president of government relations, of its letter to the NCWM released yesterday. "With the labeling clarification coming from The Department of Weights & Measures, retailers may be more likely to introduce bulk products that are marketed in clear bags knowing that labeling is consistent and approved."

The PMA said it supports the proposal because reassuring retailers and suppliers merchandising produce as bulk items sold by weight is an effective strategy to satisfy consumer packaging preferences. Wrapping certain products may also enhance food safety, reduce moisture loss, promote freshness, allow labeling to be used in traceability, pricing and branding and ultimately strengthen consumer satisfaction in these value-added items, it said.

The proposal will be considered at the NCWM's meeting later this month.


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