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Suddenly, there's a new restaurant giant on the scene. Here's a peek inside little-known JAB Holding Co.
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The bakery-cafe chain's pending acquisition by JAB Holdings is one of the biggest restaurant deals ever. Here are some other indications of the sale, along with metrics on what the transaction could mean for the industry.
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The deal will transform the parent of Krispy Kreme and Einstein Bros. into a global restaurant force.
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A flurry of news reports say Starbucks is interested in buying the bakery chain. Neither party has commented on the speculation.
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The chain says it will be the first national restaurant brand to post calorie and sugar details for its full line of self-serve drinks.
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Consumers say these restaurant chains provide the best guest pampering.
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The appointment is effective Monday, following the resignation of Drew Madsen.

Never mind the statistical impossibility of a tossed coin landing heads-up nearly every time. Ed Doherty insists his success as a restaurant franchisee is a tale of phenomenal luck, starting with the...

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Recent earnings reports show a correlation between positive comp sales and customers eating outside of restaurants, but not all brands are convinced.