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Boyd Hoback oversees two successful chains, including a rare exception to the downturn in casual dining. So who is he?

As the weather turns colder, chains are tapping into diners’ desire for piping-hot comfort foods, while still keeping an eye on health.

He'll be succeeded by Blaine Hurst, but will remain involved with the chain while simultaneously serving in a strategic role for owner JAB Holdings.

The acquisition will provide Panera with an entry into nontraditional sites, and reunite management with a brand Panera once owned and operated.

A new report gives a glimpse into some of the outreach tactics restaurants are using online.

The fast casual aims to roll out the feature nationwide by the end of the year.

With change coming to the restaurant industry at warp speed, here's a snapshot of developments that signal where we might be barreling.

Sous vide and other old-school methods impart flavor and peace of mind.

Several actionable food and drink insights bubbled up at a recent conference on restaurant trends.

In April 2017, JAB Holdings agreed to buy the clean-ingredient bakery-cafe chain