Technomic to Study Impact of Bird Flu, BSE on Foodservice

As avian influenza (AI) and bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) trigger supply disruptions and volatile conditions for meat and poultry markets throughout much of the rest of the world, it appears increasingly likely that the U.S. will face similar threats and that virtually all aspects of the food supply chain will be affected, including eating-out establishments, Technomic said.

In such an event, the researcher continued, consumers' attitudes and behaviors towards meat and poultry consumption would undoubtedly change.

The study, titled Assessing Foodservice Industry Attitudinal and Behavioral Adjustments Due to the AI and BSE Threats, will evaluate consumer attitudes, concerns, and anticipated shifts in eating-out behaviors, as well as their impact upon restaurant operations and menu offerings. Given the immediacy of the concern surrounding this issue, the study is expected to launch shortly.


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