Teen dies after eating pancakes at restaurant; family files lawsuit

A Minnesota family has filed a lawsuit against a restaurant for what they’re calling a fatal mistake.

They say they were told that the establishment’s pancakes were dairy-free. Their son had a severe dairy allergy and died after a meal at the restaurant.

Scott Johnson’s parents say his smile was brightest when he was left to explore Minnesota’s lakes and woods.

“He could light up a room,” mother Cindy Johnson said.

Scott was the second of four children in a family that always looked out for him.

“Every time I would pick something up, when I was shopping with my parents, I’d look at the label and be like, ‘can Scott have this?’” Scott’s sister Jaris Johnson said.

Scott suffered from a severe dairy allergy since birth. He had had scares before.

Small traces of dairy would be enough to send him to the emergency room. That’s why his family says eating at a restaurant became rare, and it would always be done with caution.

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