UniPro board gives thumbs-up to Premier merger

AUGUST 14,2001?The board of directors of UniPro Foodservice, Inc., Atlanta has voted in favor of a merger with Premier Foodservice Distributors of America, Inc., Stockton, CA. A letter of intent and due diligence will be executed within 45 to 60 days, followed by a vote of the membership of both groups, according to Roger Toomey, UniPro ceo. "We hope to have the deal signed sealed and delivered by the end of the calendar," he notes.

Upon completion, the merged organization will represent some $16-$17 billion in distributor volume generated by 353 members. While there will be some overlap, this already exists in both organizations, Toomey observes. "That's been less and less an issue over recent years."

Details on structure and label strategy are not yet available.


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