U.S. Foodservice Shares Best Practices to Control Fleet Fuel Costs and Environmental Performance

ROSEMONT, IL (September 28, 2010)—U.S. Foodservice, one of America’s largest foodservice distributors, shared best practices to manage fleet fuel costs and improve environmental performance during the 16th Annual OPIS Fleet Fueling Conference & Exhibition September 28 in Atlanta.

Michael Frank, vice president, Operations Excellence and Strategy, U.S. Foodservice, was one of the keynote speakers. Frank, who manages U.S. Foodservice’s fleet, which is the nation’s fourth largest trucking fleet, opened the conference with a presentation on “Controlling Fuel Costs and Usage for a Greener Tomorrow.” Frank’s presentation included such topics as:

  •     Improving fuel efficiency
  •     Incorporating biodiesel technology
  •     Assessing annual fuel needs
  •     Managing the consumption of fuel
  •     Improving purchasing structures and fuel allocations
  •     Implementing trucking and fuel performance metrics

“Maximizing fuel efficiency is an important part of our environmental efforts,” Frank said. “We are continually looking for ways to enhance the efficiency of our fleet and I'm pleased to share what we've learned with conference participants who are equally committed to sustainability."

U.S. Foodservice saved $22 million in costs from 2007-2009 by implementing cost-saving initiatives, sustainability programs and converting a growing number of trucks to 10 percent biodiesel fuel. The Company is continuing to grow its sustainability and conservation efforts.


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