WingStreet offers a side of dry cleaning during March Madness

man dry cleaning

WingStreet customers can get more than their choice of sauce this March Madness season, as the wings concept doubles down on its “No Pants Required” delivery promise by offering free dry cleaning with deliveries made on day one of the college basketball tournament. 

Appealing to sports fans who prefer to stay glued to the games, certain WingStreet deliveries will come with a laundry bag redeemable for dry cleaning for one pair of pants, which can be used up until the tournament’s end, said the chain, which is run by Pizza Hut.

When redeemed, pants will be picked up by a partnering dry cleaner, cleaned and delivered back to customers.

“We know fans are devoted to watching every second of every game during the first day of the men's college basketball tournament,” Jared Drinkwater, vice president of marketing for Pizza Hut, said in a statement. “We don't want them to miss any of the action by having to leave the house for wings."

WingStreet estimates it will sell more than 68 million wings during the three-week tournament.  


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