AGAR Talks About National Hamburger Month

(May 19, 2010 - PR Log)—New England Wholesale food distributor AGAR, product specialist for independent restaurants, retailers and other food service providers is celebrating National Hamburger Month with an educational video about the many ways a burger can be prepared.

While it’s still unclear as to who designated May as National Hamburger Month, many organizations and restaurants observe this month as a way to promote the burger and all its flexibility in the food service industry. A video that talks about the hamburger and all the ways a restaurant operator can prepare the hamburger can be found here; http://www.agarblog.com/2010/05/17/may-is-burger-month/

The video features AGAR’s Chef Jeffrey Merry. Chef Merry talks about many aspects of preparing a burger and what to look for when deciding what type of grind you would use and the lean to fat ratio of the product an operator may want to use. Chef Merry also talks about how to get creative with new hamburger recipes. AGAR, founded as a meat distributor in 1940 provides a variety of hamburger products to thousands of customers all over New England and is well-positioned in this area of providing expert advice on a number of meat products.

Chef Merry suggests the following to help a restaurant operator differentiate themselves with their hamburger menu:

  • Use at least an 80/20 ratio product; That means 80 percent lean to 20 percent fat content.
  • Know where your hamburger product comes from. It’s very important that you obtain your meats from a supplier that subscribes to the cold chain process and that the product you are using is kept at the proper temperature through the entire shipping process.
  • Use different seasonings to add a different flavor profile to your burger such as a Cajun burger or other spices.
  • Make it your own: Add what you want including different cheeses and other toppings to put your own flavor on it.
  • Don’t skimp on the roll; match your burger with the roll. If you have a great creation with lots of toppings to compliment your burger, don’t use a roll that can’t keep up with your burger.


“AGAR moves thousands of pounds of hamburger through our facility every week, on its way to countless retail and foodservice establishments in New England, says Chef Merry. “We know our burgers here. With a recent national focus on food safety, AGAR carefully selects the best product produced in safe environments to ensure freshness of product delivered to the customer’s door.  It starts with a safe product and then you add the flavor. We also offer our Test Kitchen services where a restaurant operator can come in and we’ll help create new and exciting hamburger profiles that will help them set themselves apart from others in their area.” 



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