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To keep diners satisfied, operators have plenty of options for creating menu items that stand apart from the crowd.

Widespread availability of fry options means that for operators to stand out, it’s key to offer a signature twist.

Implementing more natural frying practices can be an area of opportunity for operators.

Beer still stars during this annual promotion, but food pairings are getting more play on some menus this year.

Operators are turning to turkey for innovative as well as healthier takes on popular menu items.

Bread Factory Cafe, a fast-casual restaurant in New York City, offers comfort-food classics as well as innovative twists on trending ingredients and indulgent baked goods.

From dips to drizzles, sauces today are every bit as important as they were in the days of Auguste Escoffier.

Although “healthy” means different things to different consumers, for restaurant goers, it often means natural ingredients.

See how an ice cream concept is "rescuing" food scraps to boost sustainability and marketing power.

Sous vide and other old-school methods impart flavor and peace of mind.