waste lettuce trash

These operators are going beyond the expected to repurpose trash into innovative menu items.

houlihans avocado toast

Dedicated snack menus are on the rise in casual dining to capture anytime eaters.

In its U.K. home base, Pret A Manger met customers’ calls for more vegan and vegetarian options in a big way—by launching a veggie-only location in London last year. Its success spawned a second veg-...

bbq plate

From regional American to ethnic versions and spicy to sweet variations, here are the barbecue sauce flavors on the rise, according to Technomic data.

smashburger fry variety

Health, shmealth—consumers want their fries, but not exactly in the same old way.

japanese cheese tarts table

Chinese and Indian drinks and a Japanese snack start to make waves on U.S. menus.

farmer boys mushroom burger

The trend of making vegetables a star is quickly shifting down from high-end dining into the mass market. Here are some of recent efforts by sizable chains, including one of the industry's largest.

chipotle line taco assembly

Click through to see the list of consumers’ most-craved restaurant tacos, from Mexican joints to burger chains.

bbq summer millennials picnic

Summer days call for minimal time at the stove. Create a menu of cold soups, quick-grilled meats and veggies and make-ahead dishes featuring peak-season ingredients.