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The Signature Wraps give the sandwich chain a more meat-filled option.

Starting Monday, the chain will offer a cheeseburger with under 350 calories.

Mainstream concepts try to stay on top of menu trends—without going off the rails.

Chains, put these ingredients on your culinary radar.

The chain's Loaded Hash Brown Scrambler Bowl is a heartier version of what's already on the menu.

Operators grapple with the challenges of adding veg-centric entrees to the menu.

The CEO finds efficiencies in a full-service/fast-casual combo model.

This weekend should be big for chains doing more delivery and takeout.

Olive Garden asked a cross-functional team—finance, marketing, operations, communications and others—to build on its Never Ending Pasta Bowl promo.

The company is recalling cream cheese out of an "abundance of caution" and says nobody was sickened.