Aiming to provide meals of a lifetime? Here’s what you should charge.

money plate dining

How much would consumers pay for a restaurant meal guaranteed to be the best of their lifetime?  Try $203.

That was the average consumers said they’d be willing to spend when Harris Poll asked them on behalf of the Michelin Guide to set a ceiling on the best restaurant meal they would ever eat.

Millennials were more liberal than their elders, with a willingness to spend up to $282 per head, compared with a mean of $170 for consumers aged 45 to 54. The tightest fisted were respondents 65 years or older, who drew the line at $122.

Men’s upward price cap was $241, compared with $166 for women.

The highest rollers were consumers in the West, whose upward limit averaged $352—double the $182 cited by northeasterners. The average for respondents in the South and Midwest were almost identical at $149 and $148, respectively.

Steakhouses were where the largest group of respondents said they’d be most likely to get such a meal, followed by Italian and Mexican restaurants.

The results were generated by a survey of 2,028 American adults at the beginning of the summer.


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