blended burgers
Restaurant Business and the James Beard Foundation invite past and new Blended Burger Project™ participants to join a movement that strives to make burgers better.
soda pop coke glass
Will the research further depress restaurants' soft drink sales?
starbucks japan woman square

New offerings range from the interesting and stealable, to the out there and way out there.

panera tea soup
The chain says it will be the first national restaurant brand to post calorie and sugar details for its full line of self-serve drinks.
am superfoods bowl

Looking for success with another emerging, easy-to-execute trend, First Watch rolled out the A.M. Superfoods Bowl—an on-trend bowl with hot-right-now chia seeds.

my fit foods bag
The retail-restaurant hybrid has closed all its stores and reportedly fired the entire staff.

Restaurants have been courting millennials for years, but now the attention is shifting to their kids. As the influential demographic moves into parenthood, these young moms and dads are spurring...

even stevens pulled jackfruit sandwich square

To capitalize on Pinterst "miracle food" buzz, Even Stevens Sandwiches rolled out a Jackfruit Torta that fills two menu holes, says Culinary Director Brandon Price.

Quinoa has become restaurants’ go-to grain to answer the growing demand for gluten-free menu items. So much so that it’s putting a strain on production, supply and price, says Tom Kaplan, CEO of Hugo...