The answer depends on who you ask.

The Fast staff took a break from putting this issue to bed for our Restaurant Trends & Directions conference . One of the keynoters was Jonah Berger, author of “Contagious” and “Invisible...

A significant number of customers were looking for lighter alternatives to the medium and large sandwiches on Firehouse Subs ’ menu, its recent consumer research found. But that’s not the only reason...

The action could be a test of local jurisdictions' ability to adopt disclosure requirements while the federal mandate is on hold until May. Industry officials fear that restaurant chains may be subject to a patchwork of regulatory obligations and penalties.
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But the relief could be temporary: Soda costs could be hiked by law next week.
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The drive-in chain is believed to be the first national quick-service chain to test a beef-mushroom blend as a variation on its signature product.
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A new scientific discovery could be a pain for all operators. Meanwhile, colleagues continue to illustrate what not to do when situations are trying.

You don’t know me!” That was the cry of vegetarians and vegans a few short years ago. Today, about 4% of consumers say they are vegetarian or vegan, a figure that is down from 9% in 2014, according...

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The requirements set to take effect on Friday have been postponed, and the FDA left the door open to changing the rules altogether.