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Here’s how restaurants can promote value without focusing on price alone.

Other attributes rank higher than food quality when it comes to how much consumers will pay at restaurants, the research shows.

The maximum prices that consumers say they are willing to pay for fast-casual meals have gone up over the past two years, according to a recent study from Technomic.

The chicken-wing chain will up the cost to imbibe at its company-owned locations beginning in August.

A single cup of the super-premium java goes for $7.50 at the chain’s Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room unit.

The conundrum facing operators is to go with new, used or both. Budget, needs and anticipated usage are the major considerations.

The recession nearly led to the category's demise, but concepts that evolved survived—and even thrived.

With “frigid and bitter” conditions predicted for the upcoming winter, operators already are preparing, checking systems and making upgrades.

Fine dining has evolved, adapting a more humble and more accessible attitude to appeal to more wallet-conscious customers.

The latest wallop from California’s drought is a spike in the citrus fruit’s cost.