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The pizza chain’s new Hotspots program delivers to more than 150,000 places without traditional addresses.

Chloe Coscarelli seeks to reclaim her name after her court-ordered removal from the growing brand.

The awards spotlight excellence in business-to-business media.

A ruling that arose from a conflict of interest has exposed franchisors once again to being held liable for franchisees' employment policies and practices.

A limited-time deal will cut the usual fees for recruits who agree to open multiple units.

Truly innovative concepts—those that find solutions to perennial problems like rising real estate and labor costs—are rare birds indeed. Here’s a look at some of the game-changers that opened in 2017.

The changes include giving casual-dining veteran Mike Hislop a bigger role.

Swig's multiconcept buyer said it will combine the operation with another small craft soft drink specialist to carve a different sort of presence in the beverage sector.

Rave Restaurant Group has hatched a plan to roll the concept into the c-store business.

Owners of pass-through companies would get some relief, but the qualifications suggest not all restaurateurs would qualify.