Dipping Sauces

Dips have made the leap from afterthought to main attraction—especially as a vehicle for fried foods. Here are a few places that are taking the plunge into inventive dipping sauces.

Los Angeles, CA
White Truffle Oil-glazed Frites with bleu cheese, walnut & bacon dip; $5

Pike Street Fish Fry
Seattle, WA
Smoked Chili Mayo with deep fried Hood Canal oysters; $7

Pommes Frites
New York City, NY
Pineapple mayo, Irish curry dip, dill lemon mayo, curry ketchup, or smoked eggplant mayo; $1 each

San Francisco, CA
Large fries with choice of two: white truffle artichoke ketchup, kalamata ketchup, miso mayo or cashew tamarind ketchup; $4.75

Austin, TX
French fries with Bacon wasabi mayo, banana ketchup, green chile aioli or dill pickle dust; 75 cents each


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