The action could be a test of local jurisdictions' ability to adopt disclosure requirements while the federal mandate is on hold until May. Industry officials fear that restaurant chains may be subject to a patchwork of regulatory obligations and penalties.
hawaiian teriyaki burger

Several actionable food and drink insights bubbled up at a recent conference on restaurant trends.

chipotle line taco assembly

Click through to see the list of consumers’ most-craved restaurant tacos, from Mexican joints to burger chains.

man donut wave

Operators are featuring a slew of offerings designed to make diners do a double take. ‘Tis the season of deep-fried Twinkies and Naked Chicken Chips.

Expect the unexpected—that’s the theme of the menu trends presentation during next month’s Restaurant Trends & Directions conference in Chicago. “The accelerated pace of demographic, cultural,...

proteins meats

Restaurants are increasingly adding a common pulled pork cut, a Spanish sausage, a trash fish and an upscale beef product to their menus.

white castle mac bites

Leading chains are taking innovative approaches to snacking; here are three menu trends gathered from new item rollouts.

firehouse sub square

Customers reveal which chain subs spark their strongest yearnings.

chick-fil-a smokehouse bbq bacon sandwich
This is the first time the chain has tried a seasonal entree LTO.