High-quality ingredients boost menu excitement

With the explosion of social eating and foodie-mania, more and more operators are turning up their culinary creativity to build menus that stand out from the competition.

One way that operators are differentiating menus is by offering premium, high-quality cheeses across menu parts. This upgrade in cheese quality is occurring in all types of restaurants, from casual to upscale, and in meals from breakfast to dinner. According to Technomic’s 2016 Pizza Consumer Trend Report, powered by Ignite, 58% of consumers say they’d like restaurants to offer more all-natural ingredients, and 59% said they’d like to see more premium toppings and ingredients.

What’s more, consumers are often willing to pay a bit more for ingredients they perceive as premium, from all-natural items to high-quality cheese. In Technomic’s 2016 Left Side of the Menu: Soup and Salad Consumer Trend Report, 42% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase and are willing to pay more for salads described as premium, so adding artisan cheeses to salads can be a great way to increase a salad’s profitability.

In addition to exceptional taste profiles that draw today's more discerning and adventurous guests, operators also generally expect multiple formats, innovative formulations and custom seasoning blends and want to use artisan and authentic cheeses that offer high melting temperatures, long shelf life and other back-of-house ease.

To fulfill their needs, operators seek manufacturers with the experience and know-how to create authentic products that best fit their culinary visions.

Many are choosing Caputo Cheese as their manufacturer of choice. Caputo offers the authentic Italian cheese­­—from fresh mozzarella, Asiago and Parmesan to burrata, ricotta, pecorino Romano and more—that operators want to create menu distinction.

Offering countless and diverse types of cheese from all over the world, Caputo is an expert in formulating the perfect cheese blend for an application. Taking into account flavor, functionality or simply cost reduction, the Caputo team will determine the best cheese for an operator without sacrificing the quality of the finished result.

Because leading industry cheese manufacturers like Caputo can deliver the quality, flavor and consistency that operators demand, operators, in turn, are able to deliver exceptional eating experiences to their guests.

This post is sponsored by Caputo


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