Frisch's discloses four sex harassment actions

At least six employees of Frisch's Restaurants have filed four sexual harassment complaints against the company--and two of them charge retaliation after they reported the alleged incidents. Frisch's, operator of 90 Big Boy and 27 Golden Corral restaurants, disclosed the complaints today in a regulatory filing. Don Walker, Frisch's CFO, described the complaints as "routine legal matters" that typically face chain restaurants. "We have 7,500 employees," he said. "Everyone's got a few people who are going to complain."

Three of the four involve lawsuits while the fourth is now in arbitration, said Frisch's, which is trying to steer all of the plaintiffs into arbitration proceedings.

One of the complaints, from Christina Barrett and two other female employees, was filed last year and dismissed. It is now being arbitrated, Frisch's said.

Another complaint filed by Tammy Carlton alleges harassment by her supervisor at a Golden Corral restaurant. Carlton initially agreed to arbitration but filed suit in March.

Meanwhile, Jess Hollon, a male employee, claims he was subjected to reprisal from the company after reporting sexual harassment. Another plaintiff makes the same allegation in a separate lawsuit.

Walker declined to comment on the damages being sought, but said they are not material to the company's financial position.


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