Hurricane Grill & Wings to try fast casual

hurricane btw

Following in the footsteps of Hooters' fast-casual variation Hoots and Buffalo Wild Wings' hinted foray into fast casual, Hurricane Grill & Wings is planning to open its own fast-casual spinoff, Hurricane BTW.

With a focus on Hurricane Grill & Wings’ three best-selling entrees aside from pizza—the “BTW” in the offshoot’s name stands for burgers, tacos and wings—Hurricane BTW will lean into diners’ desire for customization across its entire menu, said the chain’s president, Brooksy Smith, in a statement.

In addition to those entrees, Hurricane BTW will offer such items as chicken tenders, salads, milkshakes and beer. Its average ticket is slated to be $10.

The concept’s first prototype location will open in Skokie, Ill., at the end of April, and plans are in the works to open 49 locations over the next 42 months. A “lab” unit of the offshoot brand is currently in operation in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.


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