Native Waters Adds SYSCO to List of Distributors Offering Its Sustainable Bottled Water

FALL RIVER, MA (March 24, 2010 - PRWeb)—Native Waters, a Massachusetts company that produces locally sourced natural spring water in earth-friendly PET plastic bottles, is now available to hospitals, restaurants and other organizations in the hospitality industry through Sysco, the nation’s largest foodservice distributor. The agreement will allow many more organizations to offer their environmentally-conscious customers an alternative to traditional bottled-water.

“All of our clients – from restaurants to hospitals and universities - serve food and beverages to a large number of people every day, many of whom are environmentally conscious,” said Ralph Freije, director of sales for the Northern region at Sysco Boston. “Bottled water continues to be a desired convenience yet an environmental challenge. The Native Water offering provides an environmentally-friendly alternative that meets their needs.”

Native Water is bottled in ENSO Bottles, a biodegradable and recyclable PET plastic bottle. Made from 25% recycled plastic the bottles are produced with Ecopure™, an organic compound added to the plastic manufacturing process that allows the bottles to be metabolized and neutralized on a microbial level, completely breaking down the plastic. ENSO bottles maintain the same physical properties and strengths as existing PET plastic bottles yet provide a more shelf stable and practical solution than starch-based PLA materials and oxo-degradable plastics. The bottles are biodegradable in both anaerobic and aerobic environments and can also be successfully mixed with standard PET plastic recycling.

In addition to using the ENSO bottle, Native Waters sources its natural water locally, minimizing its carbon footprint by eliminating long trucking routes for distribution. Native Water is sourced from springs in the heart of the Berkshire Mountains in Western Massachusetts, both in Chester, and Southfield, MA. The water flows naturally through sand, clay and rocks, and provides Native Waters with spring water which is exceedingly low in mineral and dissolved solid content.

“Our partnership with Sysco will allow Native Waters to put our brand in the hands of an even larger audience, increasing awareness of the challenges of traditional bottled water,” said Rodger Cohen, vice president and co-founder of Native Waters. “Native Waters offers sustainable bottled water with little impact on the environment yet still satisfies the demand for convenience – a win-win for all parties.”

Native Water is available in both a 500 ml and 700 ml size. The brand will be showcased in the earth-friendly concourse at five upcoming Sysco food shows in Boston, Manchester, Hyannis, Providence and Worcester. For more information on how you can offer Native Water, contact Native Waters at info(at)earthfriendlybottle(dot)com

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