Newest McDonald’s regionalization: Pastries in southern Calif.

McDonald’s 600 restaurants in southern California are expanded their breakfast menus with fresh-baked mini-cakes and adding other indulgences for sale throughout the day.

The market is also bringing back its happy hour-like Social Hour, a three-hour stretch in the afternoon when customers who buy a specialty drink can get a second at no extra cost.

New on the breakfast menu are individual-sized Bundt cakes, available in chocolate and cinnamon flavors, and Petite Pastries, offered in cherry and cinnamon flavors.

Fried Pies, the turnover-like pastries that were McDonald’s first desserts, are being resurrected and sold all day. Fried Pies, available in apple and cherry versions, were replaced by baked versions in most stores as part of the chain’s nod to health concerns. The Fried Pies are heated in the deep fryers used for French fries and Chicken McNuggets.

The McDonald’s Operators Association of Southern California, the group that encompasses the 600 franchised and company stores in the area, indicated that the new products will be permanent additions.

Among the initiatives being tried by McDonald’s to re-spark sales has been the regionalization of menus.


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