Next Starbucks drink to knock off: the Latte Macchiato

starbucks latte macchiato

Starbucks is expanding its drink line today with the addition of a new espresso preparation that layers shots of the rich coffee with steamed milk, creating an option that would resemble a brown-and-white parfait if it were served in a clear glass.

The new Latte Macchiato—a mashup of a latte (espresso in steamed milk) and a macchiato (a coffee with milk floating in a pattern on top)—is being positioned as a high-craft beverage akin to the Flat White, Starbucks’ 2015 line extension. Announcements of the drink’s availability stress that the espresso shots are “slowly poured,” and artwork shows the alternating bands of coffee and milk, even though the stratifications won’t be visible in Starbucks’ signature cup.

With that opaque container, the presentation pizzazz is limited to a bulls-eye of espresso surrounded by a ring of frothy milk on the drink’s surface.

starbucks latte macchiato flat white

Starbucks rates the drink as medium-strength—lighter than a Café Americano, but bolder than a latte.

Consistent with the trend toward simpler back-of-the-house prep, the Latte Macchiato is made with just two ingredients, espresso and whole milk. 


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