NRA to Convene Third Food Safety Summit

WASHINGTON, DC - Underscoring its ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety of the nation's food supply, the National Restaurant Association/National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) and its International Food Safety Council (IFSC) will sponsor the third Food Safety Summit 2004.

The Food Safety Summit, which has been attended by more than 1,500 food manufacturers, food processors, restaurant executives and food retailers, will be held on Mar. 17-19, at the new Convention Center here.

The agenda and speakers will provide comprehensive restaurant-and-foodservice topics dealing with cutting-edge educational sessions designed to address the efforts by the restaurant industry in maintaining food safety as a top priority. The topics include: Food Security; Food Plant Operations; Laboratory and Technology; Quality Assurance and Management; and Restaurants and Foodservice.

Participants at The Food Safety Summit will include industry decision-makers in quality assurance and food safety. Among them will be: executives in quality control, food safety, plant operations and sanitation. Top leaders from the processing, restaurant and retail food industry, representatives from Capitol Hill, the White House and key regulatory officials also will be in attendance.


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