Arby's Articles

The Culver family retains control, but a board seat has been extended to the buyer, Roark Capital.

The chain is bringing back last year’s short-lived LTO, but this time, on a larger scale.

The QSR is debuting a new Chicken Pepperoni Parm LTO.

Restaurants influenced more than food trends this week. Just ask those waifs in outlandish outfits who strutted the runways this week in New York City.

During a summer of extremes, what else could we expect but a week of restaurant mosts and leasts? Here's a sampling.

The night is dark and full of themed menu items and events.

A stab at mustering employees support has become a distinguishing feature of the chain's culture.

Craft an employer message that makes it rain resumes.

The burrito chain is showing a change of heart with such moves as trying a drive-thru.

A new Fortune ranking lists the 100 best places for millennials to work, a distinction that suggests those standouts have successfully boosted their retention. Here's how Arby's earned a place on the roster.