Potbelly Articles

Given the mystifying developments that arose, you’d have thought restaurants were holding their own Agatha Christie Week.

The sandwich shop is recasting its kitchens to boost throughput and capitalize on off-premise demand

Known for toasted subs, malts and smoothies, served in a vintage-style sandwich shop

The sandwich category increased sales by 2.9% and units by 0.3%, despite category heavyweight Subway's 1.7% sales decline and 1.3% unit decline.

No reason was given for the departure of Aylwin Lewis.

Customers reveal which chain subs spark their strongest yearnings.

A restaurant chain's sales don't always reflect customer satisfaction, and vice versa. Here, we rank the leading limited-service chains using a formula that includes financials, consumer satisfaction and value.

Applebee's is ready with financial rescues for franchisees, Buffalo Wild Wings is testing off-premise-only stores, Bravo Brio has a new concept it's weighing, Dunkin' is shrinking the menu as a cure-all, and Potbelly was given a bitter pill to swallow by the city of Chicago.

As off-premise continues to grow, an omnichannel approach may be on the horizon.

Where do consumers prefer to buy a cup of coffee when convenience is key? Here are their top choices, across restaurants and convenience stores.