Starbucks will stop selling CDs next month

Starbucks has been rolling out new mobile apps and services for months, and now it's ready to kill one of its old technology staples.

The Seattle coffee retailer will stop selling CDs at the end of March, Starbucks spokeswoman Maggie Jantzen confirmed Monday.

The move is indicative of Starbucks' push to be a retailer on the cutting edge of technology. Music technology is evolving, and Starbucks is rolling along with it.

The company is considered one of the leaders in digital retailing, and is planning to launch a number of new technology services this year. Its mobile apps have more than 13 million users and mobile transactions make up 16 percent of all in-store purchases.

CDs may be gone, but your Starbucks won't suddenly fall silent.

"Music has been and will continue to be a key component of (the in-store) experience," Jantzen said. "It's an evolution of the format."

The company will continue to offer music in stores as well as curate the music you hear while buying coffee. Jantzen said Starbucks has "a lot of things coming" in the music realm, but she could not share details yet.

Starbucks' free weekly song offered on cards in stores and through its apps, called Pick of the Week, will continue.

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