Steak ‘n Shake freezing menu prices for a year

steak n shake meal

Forgoing the value meals garnering favor among other QSR chains, Steak ‘n Shake announced that it will “take care” of its customers by keeping menu prices the same throughout 2016.

Prices will be frozen at more than 500 Steak ‘n Shake locations across the country, the chain said. The cost of a double steakburger-and-fries meal will continue to come in at $3.99, while a milkshake will run $2.99.

“Steak ‘n Shake has an extremely strong value proposition that resonates with customers,” CEO Sardar Biglari said in a statement.

A price freeze is a different tack from the bundled meal discounts that have become the QSR deal du jour, with chains such as Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Burger King debuting their respective new value meals in recent months.


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