Sysco Adds Yowza!! iPhone/iPod Touch App to iCare Portfolio

The service eliminates the need for consumers to clip coupons or print out e-mails with promo codes.

Users simply show the barcode and digital mobile coupon on their iPhone or iPod Touch at checkout to redeem the discount on their purchase. Through its iCare portfolio of value-added services for customers, Sysco’s partnership with Yowza!! is launching in the Los Angeles market. It will be rolled out to surrounding cities and states throughout the year, according to a Yowza!! press release.

"Who has time to clip coupons and then remember to bring them to the store, or carry them around until they get to a particular location?" said Greg Grunberg, co-founder of Yowza!!. "Mobile couponing is convenient for both busy consumers and our younger generation that are technology savvy."

Yowza!! not only provides users with deals and discounts, it gives business owners the ability to monitor performance on a daily, up-to-the-minute basis. Unlike traditional forms of couponing, such as newspaper ads and insertions, Yowza!! offers can be updated instantly and targeted per region or particular store location.

In addition to Sysco, restaurant companies including McDonald’s, Islands Restaurant, Rubio’s Fresh Mexican grill, California Pizza Kitchen, Marmalade Café and Cheeseburger Restaurants have signed on with Yowza!! For more information on the program, visit www.getyowza.com.


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