Sysco Buys Bedell's Foodservice Business

WINDSOR, Ont. (May 9, 2011 - Windsor Star)—The recent acquisition of Bedell’s Foodservice Distributors by Sysco Canada Inc. is expected to solidify more than 130 jobs in Bedell’s locations in Windsor, London and Dover Centre, according to the general manager of local operations.

“It’s great news for all of us,” said Lloyd Shepley. “Sysco is the largest food distributor in North America and this gives us more stability as a company moving forward.”

Shepley said there are about 45 employees at each of the company’s three locations and all will be retained.

“It will also give our employees greater opportunities for advancement and relocation,” said Shepley. “I see it as a great situation for our company, our employees and the local community.”

Bedell’s ships more than 5,000 food and service items to hotels, restaurants and institutions throughout southwestern Ontario from three distribution centres.

“This location opened in 1999 and we were a hit from the beginning and many of those same customers have stayed loyal to us,” said Shepley, who has 45 years experience in the food distribution sector.

Bedell’s was established in 1935 when Bob and Laura Bedell bought a butcher shop in Dover Centre, where the company maintains its headquarters.

In 1960, Bedell’s opened a locker and freezer service and followed that up 20 years later by incorporating.

Bedell’s opened a distribution centre in London in 2001 and last year celebrated 75 years of continuous operation.

In Windsor, the company’s warehouse and offices encompass about 45,000 square feet on Halford Drive. Shepley said Sysco plans an addition in the near future which may lead to additional employees being hired.

According to its website, Sysco became the leading supplier to ‘meals-prepared-away-from-home’ customers in North America and now has more than 400,000 clients.

Sysco has more than 160 locations across North America, including 18 in Canada, and more than 46,000 employees.


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