Thomas Keller apologizes for Per Se letdowns

chef thomas keller

Chef Thomas Keller issued an open letter today to customers of his celebrated Per Se in New York City, apologizing for letting standards slip.

The communication was prompted by a recent review in the New York Times that cited shortcomings in service and food quality. Reviewer Pete Wells dropped the restaurant’s four-star rating, one of the few to be granted by the paper, to two stars.

Wells’ experience “did not live up to his expectations and to ours,” a situation “greatly disappointing to me and to my team,” wrote Keller.

“We are sorry we let you down,” he said in the letter, which was broadcast to customers via email.

The chef pledged to deliver “a most memorable experience” upon any customer’s next visit to the restaurant.

Per Se is one of the most expensive restaurants in the country, with a prix fixe menu priced at $325 per person (one of the meals that figured into Wells’ review cost the paper $3,000).

It is also regarded as one of the world’s best, with innovative, elegant cuisine often delivered with a twist. Among its signatures are a salmon tartare and creme fraiche cone, and Black and White Truffle Popcorn.


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