U.S. Foodservice-Los Angeles Awarded Environmental Certification

LOS ANGELES (April 20, 2010- Vocus/PRWEB)—U.S. Foodservice-Los Angeles was recently awarded a Green Business Certification from the Institute for Green Business Certification (IGBC) following an extensive evaluation of the facility’s green initiatives across 10 categories.

IGBC is the oldest accrediting organization to certify business practices using a comprehensive 38-page audit with more than 220 questions. The audit evaluates the green initiatives of companies in the categories of waste reduction, recycling, reduction in office material usage, purchasing, energy saving, water conservation, pollution prevention, reduction in chemical usage, proper handling of pollutants and reduced emissions.

“U.S. Foodservice-Los Angeles has shown its commitment to both its community and environment by reducing its energy usage, water consumption, and implementing a recycling program,” said Garry Peterson, chief executive officer of Institute for Green Business Certification. “This environmental approach to business is helping to reduce U.S. Foodservice’s impact in the Los Angeles area.”

Since 2007, a U.S. Foodservice sustainability team has aggressively sought new ways to reduce energy consumption, paper and water usage, and increase recycling. These efforts have resulted in a number of innovations that demonstrate the Los Angeles division's commitment to sustainability, including:

  • Using strategic route-planning technologies to reduce its fleet’s “idle time” and raise its fuel efficiency, collectively saving 30,000 gallons of fuel in its service area.
  • Implementing a comprehensive recycling program that resulted in savings equivalent to saving 3,524 trees and more than $12,000 in landfill costs.
  • Expanding sustainable product lines, including organic and natural and offering additional compostable to go containers.
  • Reducing energy consumption through efficient dock and warehouse lighting and a computerized management refrigeration system, all of which saved over 1.1 million watts annually.
  • Shrinking its use of shrink wrap by using large, reusable rubber bands to secure products stored in the warehouse.

“We are especially proud of this certification because it recognizes that U.S. Foodservice-Los Angeles conducts business in a way that minimizes resources and materials,” said Fred Jurosky, vice president sales, U.S. Foodservice-Los Angeles. “Like many of our customers, we care about ensuring a better world for future generations.”


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