U.S. Foodservice Selects 3Delta Systems

Chantilly, VA (October 14, 2010)—3Delta Systems, Inc., online credit card payment solutions, announced today that U.S. Foodservice, Inc. has chosen 3DSI’s integrated payment system and CardVault tokenization service to safeguard its customers’ credit card data while easing compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) for safely processing and protecting cardholder information.

With CardVault, U.S. Foodservice will be able to simultaneously lock its customers’ cardholder information away and more easily comply with PCI security requirements by:

  • Generating reference values called tokens instead of real credit card numbers. Tokens render credit card data useless to criminals in the event of a breach.
  • Safely storing confidential customer credit card and payment data off-site at 3Delta Systems’ PCI-certified processing center
  • Providing “silent post” technology so that actual card data never touches U.S. Foodservice’s internal systems

“3Delta Systems delivers a comprehensive and technologically superior solution,” said Bob Tobiasson, senior director financial systems at U.S. Foodservice. “Their system allows even greater security in our payment system, and we are confident that 3Delta Systems is the right partner.”

“Leading businesses such as U.S. Foodservice are committed to protecting the security of their customers’ information and are demanding the highest integrity in payment processing – increased security of stored credit card account numbers, easier PCI compliance, lower costs, more efficient operations and mitigation of risk if a data breach occurs,” said Aaron Bills, chief operating officer and founder of 3Delta Systems. “We deliver all that, plus peace of mind. As the consequences of data breaches grow increasingly severe, our customers benefit from CardVault’s highly secure data storage along with the convenience of a full-featured payment processing system.”

CardVault features real-time and file-based payment transaction processing with full, Level-3 line-item detail for all processing endpoints for which 3DSI is certified. Real-time transactions support e-commerce and customer service systems in which a customer waits for their card to be authorized, while file-based processing supports invoicing systems and circumstances where real-time authorization is not critical.

Level-3 line-item data, also known as corporate card line-item detail, augments basic corporate card transactions with more detailed purchase information, such as item descriptions, quantity, unit price and invoice numbers.

3Delta Systems’ suite of services and technologies meet the most rigorous PCI DSS requirements for safeguarding cardholder data against fraud and data security breaches. These standards are the payment industry’s foremost benchmark for cardholder account security. 3Delta Systems has maintained third-party PCI DSS certification since 2004 and is a participating organization in the PCI Security Standards Council.


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