No raise in 2012? Chew on this.

If you didn’t get a raise last year, ask the boss why you were excluded from what People Report says was the vast majority of salaried restaurant employees who got a bump in base pay during 2012. At the very least, it may help your chances in 2013, when salaries are expected by the human-resources research company to rise by an average of 2.7 percent.

Almost nine out of 10 corporate-office employees—85 percent—had their base salary raised in 2012, and 74 percent of restaurant managers saw an increase, according to People Report.

It pegged the merit pay increase for 2012 in the 2.5 percent to 3 percent range, where it says that portion of compensation has hovered for three years.

The findings were based on salary data from 55 restaurant companies that collectively operate 83 concepts.


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