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A Southern restaurant in Chicago focused its massive renovation on frying more chicken and, potentially, keeping and recruiting more line cooks.

Lowcountry makes plans to scale up by launching a fast casual-full service combo.

The chain and its franchisees are spending hundreds of millions to remodel restaurants in Canada.

The chain plans to open up to 1,000 of the upscale units, which serve liqueur and Italian baked goods.

The mini store was so popular, it was moved to make way for a full-sized unit.

The CEO finds efficiencies in a full-service/fast-casual combo model.

The seafood chain has added animated video screens and high-def audio, part of a larger update for the brand.

Restaurants are reformatting their layouts and processes to accommodate the shift in their business toward takeout, delivery and catering.

A Mediterranean concept adjusts operations to fit the nontraditional footprint.

Here’s how operators in cold climates ensure their rooftops reel in off-season sales.