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A significant number of customers were looking for lighter alternatives to the medium and large sandwiches on Firehouse Subs ’ menu, its recent consumer research found. But that’s not the only reason...

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But the relief could be temporary: Soda costs could be hiked by law next week.

Right now, operators believe that food costs are up. “But if you work through the actual PPI numbers, they are flat over the last five years,” says Joe Pawlak, managing principal for Technomic...

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Diners are eating seafood less frequently now than they were two years, according to new Technomic data. Operators may want to reconsider offering these five particular seafood items for Lent as diners’ interest in them declines.

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Diners show willingness to eat a variety of less-common cuts of beef and pork at restaurants according to new Technomic research.

Although beef prices have moderated somewhat in the second half of 2016, meat-centric restaurants still are hedging their bets by developing more cost-effective meat dishes. And many of these items...

For years, nutritionists have been advocating the vegcentric entree as a healthier, more sustainable way to eat, and restaurants finally are starting to listen. No doubt high meat prices and greater...

In announcing first-quarter financial results, the chain shared it’s moving forward with plans to sell 540 company-owned restaurants in the U.S. as well as its Ohio-based bakery business.
The federal judge hearing the FTC’s efforts to block the combination says his decision will ride on understanding distribution and determining what options would be left for foodservice operators if the deal proceeds.