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Chains built around chicken wings are rejiggering menus to keep costs in check.

Wings are the wild card amid improving prices.

Attendees of the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference learned how the global market varies from region to region, but in other respects is a small world. Here are some of the overseas trends that might sound familiar to U.S. operators, though sometimes with a twist.

Upscale concept The Nomad adapts its popular chicken entree for fast casual.

Here's how to navigate the forward-thinking practice, according to Advice Guy.

A fast casual downsizes its sandwiches to boost traffic.

But the relief could be temporary: Soda costs could be hiked by law next week.

More than two in five operators have said that, of all factors, higher costs have most negatively impacted their operating profit in the past five years.

Diners are eating seafood less frequently now than they were two years, according to new Technomic data. Operators may want to reconsider offering these five particular seafood items for Lent as diners’ interest in them declines.

Diners show willingness to eat a variety of less-common cuts of beef and pork at restaurants according to new Technomic research.