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The Bottom Line: Shifting consumer demands have hammered the likes of Applebee's and Chili's, and their recovery is uncertain.

But all other sectors showed sales growth last year, according to Technomic's Top 500 Chain Restaurant Advance Report.

The new Technomic Chain Restaurant Index shows 4.4% sales growth in the quarter.

Full-service operators move sweets beyond the after-dinner niche to capture sales.

Hot and cold beverages accounted for over $181 billion in sales last year.

Retro sweets and desserts at brunch are among those trending.

When it comes to restaurant brands, the sales leaders are not always consumers’ favorites for a variety of reasons. Chains best at parlaying customer satisfaction into sales are hard to beat.

At leading fast-food chains, overall guest satisfaction is slightly higher for snacking occasions (52%) than traditional meals (49%).

Health, shmealth—consumers want their fries, but not exactly in the same old way.