Banh Mi Sandwiches

Complex flavors and varied textures are what make a good sandwich, great. That is why the Vietnamese bahn mi, a toasted baguette filled with savory meats, rich pate, fresh herbs, chilies and pickled vegetables, has been rising in the ranks as chefs create their own versions or remake the classic. Move over BLTs—the bahn mi is the new sandwich in town.

Silverlake, California
Vietnamese Sandwiches with chicken, pork, beef or tofu in a crusty French baguette, pickled vegetables, fresh chilies, herbs and homemade aioli; $8.75

Green Papaya
Dallas, Texas
Four mini-baguettes stuffed with deep fried shrimp paste (a banh mi tom chien); $6.95

Portland, Oregon
Bánh Mi Vietnamese sandwich with grilled lemongrass pork, cilantro, cucumber, daikon, and side of banana blossom salad; $8

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pork Roll and Pate Sandwich with cilantro, pickled carrot, cucumber, and jalapeno; $3.25

Lee’s Sandwich
San Jose, California
This western chain features a whole menu of Vietnamese bahn mi, from grilled pork to sardine; $4.75-$6.75

Denver, Colorado
Warm baguette filled with pork or tofu, cucumbers, scallions, jalapenos, pickled daikon and mayonnaise; $7.50

Stir Crazy Fresh Asian Grill
Banh Mi: Baguette with choice of chicken breast, chicken satay, ahi tuna or sloppy cho pork BBQ with side of Asian slaw; $8.88

New York City-based
Sloppy bao with spicy curry beef, green mango, basil and lemongrass; $7


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